Nautilus Crane

Nautilus® Marine Cranes are recognized for their quality and reliability, anchored on their efficiency, safety and functionality features.

  • All structural welds are performed by AWS qualified welders and certified by third-party inspection
  • Patented anti-two-block system
  • Machined and hardened slewing bearings with hardened, steel-alloy gear teeth for extended service life
  • Close-tolerance machined boom pin connections to prevent boom misalignment
  • Complete full-function and load testing prior to each crane's delivery
  • Strict compliance with API Specification 2C and/or ABS, BV or DNV requirements
  • Stainless steel boom pins for maximum life and smooth luffing operation

G&T Oil States also manufactures the Patriot Make King Post Type Cranes to satisfy the ever demanding market of today where Cranes are subject to harsh dynamic loading.

The salient features of the product offerings are:

  • Design capacity from 10 T-300 T
  • Designed to API, ABS, DNV Classifications
  • Wide range of fixed or variable hydraulic systems
  • Completely enclosed power module with excellent access to facilitate maintenance
  • Quiet, comfortable cab with excellent visibility and ergonomic controls.


G&T Oil States offers a Full-Service Manufacturing Facility with capabilities to perform all aspects of work, on virtually all Makes and Models of Cranes. As part of our Crane Services Offerings, we offer:

  • Installation, commissioning and testing of all Types and Makes of Offshore Cranes
  • Repairs / Refurbishment of all Types of Marine / Offshore Cranes
  • Long-term Operation & Maintenance Contracts to support new Builds or existing Offshore Crane fleets
  • In-situ repairs / refurbishment, on a turnkey basis, of all Types and Makes of Marine / Offshore Cranes
  • Retrofit Packages including removal of existing Offshore Cranes and deck modifications, to enable installation of new Offshore Cranes in replacement of existing Offshore Cranes
  • Disassembly, inspection and re-build of mechanical assemblies such as gear boxes, hook blocks and winches
  • Fabrication of structural components such as Booms and "A" Frames.

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